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About Us


Our concept is straightforward! We perform magic with our flower arrangements to brighten your loved one’s day using our luxurious and high-quality roses. They’ll look good without your loved one lifting a finger! 

You might know Niat Tebebe for amazing floral designs that are not only a blend of art and beauty but also always succeed in evoking feelings of love and happiness by delivering luxurious and high-quality roses. But did you know that her love and passion for flowers and floristry manifested way back when she was still a little girl? Her favorite outdoor activity as a child helping her grandmother with her garden brings with her a lifelong passion for flowers and over years of floral design experience. Gingered by her hunger to master her craft,

Niat did not only set up a flower farm but traveled all over the world exploring floral designs in counties such as the Netherlands where she enrolled at the prestigious Boerma Institute to study Dutch floral designs and strategies. Buoyed up by her lifelong passion for flowers and artistic creation, Niat commercialized her floral designs given birth to Flowerama Flower Farm back in 2008. Niat Tebebe is the creative floral designer behind De Niat Fleur

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